Saintway Transportation Solution

Saintway provides the industry’s most complete and integrated fleet monitoring solution for transportation and logistics and realizes real-time visibility and control of transportation assets moving in the supply chain. The result is improved operational efficiency, increased profitability, security, and compliance. From trucks, trailers, and refrigerated trucks to intermodal containers or rail cars, our fleet telematics allows you to manage any asset from an easy-to-use platform.

Saintway comprehensive truck management solutions enable simplified driver performance and communications, better fuel efficiency, enhanced fleet safety, and compliance with ELD/MDT and other regulations such as:

  • Truck Telematics
  • Driver Performance
  • Driver Communications
  • Fuel Management
  • Fleet Safety

Saintway is the provider of multi-network connectivity, leading-edge devices, and powerful applications for industries including transportation and distribution, heavy equipment, Oil and gas, maritime, and government.

Transportation, In-Vehicle Solution